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Legal knowledge is essential for small business success.

Having a working knowledge of business law means not only saving money in taxes, but also growing your wealth while also protecting your assets.


Education tailored for small business success.

While big companies have corporate lawyers on staff to answer questions, small business owners often don't know where to turn when it comes to understanding the laws and regulations that affect their business.  


Small business is our only focus

Podnah's legal and financial education platform is designed specifically for small business owners.

Starting your business

We cover topics entrepreneurs need to know before they start their business.

Growing your business

We cover topics tailored for growing businesses to help you protect what you've built and avoid excess legal risk.


Protecting your assets

We discuss asset protection and tax savings strategies for small business owners.

Insight to help you succeed

We discuss proven strategies we have used in our own business and that have also worked for clients.

"Because of [Pain Point], I always had trouble with [Technique]. With [Brand], I learned better techniques for [Benefit 1], and it's improved my life immensely."

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Who we are

Hi, I’m David Kervin and I founded a law firm in Covington, Louisiana where I represent business and individual clients.  I’ve also worked as a financial advisor where I helped clients with their investment decisions.

In addition to my business and law degrees, I’m admitted to the bars of Texas, Louisiana, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts, and I have a couple of certificates in negotiation from Harvard.


Gain from our experience

When I went out on my own as a lawyer, I didn’t know anything about self-employment, how to build and protect my business, or how to best save for the future. 

After 20 years and 40,000 hours of real world experience helping clients solve their own legal problems, I am ready to share all of that business insight with you.


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Podnah takes decades worth of business law insight and shares it all with you for less than one hour of a lawyer's billable time.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes!  Our goal is to make Podnah the place small business owners go for guidance and education.

You get access to ALL videos and courses including all updates we add each month.

While Youtube is great for entertainment, it is simply not a place where you will typically find high-quality and on-point legal and financial education for entrepreneurs. 


What kind of topics do you discuss?

We cover legal topics every small business owner needs to know, such as:




How to deal with business partners

Self-employment taxes

Retirement plans for self-employed people

ADA compliance for your website

Dealing with lawsuits and depositions

And many other legal and financial issues small businesses face.


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